1. shake your body baby

  2. We’ve had so much fun in the sun that now we all look like strays …

  3. EGGO did some laundry

  4. Spring has come to Meguland: even KAUMONDO is happy!
    Also ROOLLET has found herself a new senpai…

  5. Update-ish / Can you beat me? (in Flappy Megu)

    You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any wallpapers in ages. So here go my deepest apologies to anyone still left waiting: I don’t know when I’ll be able to grant your wishes. I’ve been too busy with my life, high school, being sick, depression and so on, I hope you understand.

    However, I have also been busy with more interesting projects, such as helping out megupets.com. My part has been pretty small so far but I guarantee you that that site is going to bring out some amazing stuff this year! (well, at least it has the potential for that. don’t take my word for anything because I don’t run it ^^ ) More precisely I’m trying to write some script kind of thing for the upcoming MeguPets game, which will be mix of RPG & visual novel and based on MEGU. You can check megupets.com for info&updates.

    And as for the pictures, yup, there’s a megu-themed version of Flappy Bird on megupets.com which you can go play on your computer. And also you can take part in a contest where you can win megu-pins. The contest is pretty hard so I’ll also give you a challenge: if you can beat my high score (8 right now), I’ll make you a megu wallpaper of any megus/strays/items you like. All you gotta do is submit a screenshot of your score to this blog and you win, there’s no limit to the amount of winners! (except my laziness & business)

    Also that game is a great way of wasting time at work / school and making the people around you freak out.

    Happy spring my lovely followers! :)

  6. Illustration for a project called MeguMemories, a website where you can decorate megu rooms etc…
    There are other projects due before it so right now it’s sort of “frozen” I guess, but I’ll definitely let you all here know when there’s advancement! :)

  7. In case someone is wondering why this blog’s name is “megucomics” (probably no one but anyway), I used to make MEGU themed comics, but in the end I didn’t publish any here.
    Here’s one sketch for a comic about the company which created Kawaii Pet MEGU… I guess it’s better this way that I never got to finish these :’D

    (Kawaii Pet MEGU was called Breeding Game MEGU by Feynman at some point)
  8. "Become beautiful MEGU in the world / Sink Bathing"
    (c) megucomics.tumblr.com / Limea, 2013

  9. "These should be pink / MARSHMAL and apple blossoms" (c)megucomics.tumblr.com / Limea, 2013

  10. Always mistaken for a crock” (c) megucomics.tumblr.com / Limea, 2013